The Adler is going green

Within the context of the current energy crisis, we have also taken an in-depth approach to the topic of sustainability. We want to make our contribution – not just for cost reasons but also out of a sense of our social responsibility. There’s an additional incentive: We are located in a region designated as a "Nature Park"! Some eco-friendly and resource-saving measures have been an established standard here with us for many years and we are now addressing others.

Green Eagle – Sustainability

The new "Green Eagle" seal governs our internal sustainability plan – with campaigns that both suit our structure and historic buildings and are feasible. We also created the emblem to remind ourselves daily to be ever more mindful. Our aim in this regard is to continually scrutinise and further optimise our campaigns.

The Black Forest as a holiday region had already gained acclaim as a sustainable destination years ago and following a sustainability assessment we were awarded recognition as a partner. The project is a cooperation arrangement between the Ministry of Justice, Baden-Württemberg for Europe and TourCert, a non-profit organisation for issuing certifications in tourism.

Car-free holidays

  • Also accessible by rail
  • KONUS card (free use of the local transport system ÖPNV)
  • Hotel parkland covering an area of 4 hectares
  • Hiking, Nordic walking, cycling and cross-country trails from outside the hotel
  • E-bikes for hire (for a fee)
  • Mountain bike hire (free of charge)
  • Family rickshaw hire (free of charge)

Electric alternatives

  • EV charging stations for guests
  • For us: E-caddies (Transfer on the site)

Energy saving/supply

  • Sauna and outdoor pool: Opening hours adapted to suit the main periods of use by guests, whilst maintaining the pool temperatures at a consistent level (indoor pool hours unchanged)
  • Restriction in the underfloor heating in the forecourt (outside area)
  • Continuous monitoring and adjustment of energy consumption in public areas and behind the scenes
  • 65 percent electricity generated from renewable energies

Carbon footprint

From mid-2023, when making online bookings, guests will be able to:

  • Make a donation to charity
  • Plant-a-Tree-option

Waste disposal

  • Most of this process complies with the legal requirements, we are doing a little more.
  • Separation of waste (paper, glass, plastic)
  • Collection and recycling by regional companies
  • Also applies to waste and used fats and oils from the kitchen

Mineral water for employees

  • Treatment of drinking water to make mineral water
  • Employees fill their own bottles with water
  • This has already enabled us to save the use of over 10,000 bottles!

Sustainability in guest rooms

  • Vinegar-based cleaner from a sustainable company for use in bathrooms
  • Towels changed if the guest puts them on the floor (info in the bathroom)
  • Bathing shoes with cork sole and no foil packaging

Saving paper

  • Digital guest folders
  • Wedding information brochure in digital form
  • Avoidance of printed documents

Diverse range of meat-free offerings

  • Vegetarian dishes on the menu changed every day
  • Vegan meals available on request

Cooperation with regional companies

By employing local companies from the region we are promoting skilled trades, supporting the preservation of Black Forest traditions and giving a boost to the region’s economy and farmers. In addition, this cooperation arrangement ensures a high level of quality assurance for both the guests of the Parkhotel Adler as well as for the Adler team. The short delivery routes and travel times also contribute towards an effective and sustainable system of operational management.


The local region and surrounding areas supply a high proportion of

  • wines and beers
  • juices and mineral water


  • In the summer: Herbs from sustainable sources in the hotel parkland
  • Other produce from the hotel parkland (naturally grown): nasturtium, sorrel, meadowsweet, nettles, mirabelle plums, elderflowers and berries
  • Products sourced primarily from Black Forest producers (meat, fish, vegetables, herbs, fruit, dairy products, eggs, bakery products, jam, muesli, honey)
  • Purchases at farmers’ markets
  • Game from regional tenants of hunting land

Skilled tradespeople

  • Our carpenters, electricians and other skilled tradespeople for the day-to-day work in the hotel come from the local area
  • Refurbishment in 2019/2020: 90 percent of the 25 firms involved came from Hinterzarten and the surrounding area

We have been awarded the following seals of quality which are presented, among other things,
for the range of regional dishes on offer as well as for the wide use of high quality local products: