Wellness & Beauty á la carte

Air from the Black Forest peaks, spring water
from granite cliffs, healthy and sumptuous dishes of fresh local ingredients - and that is just the start of your wellness holiday.
What comes next? - Simple!
You enjoy one of our individual wellness and beauty treatments and go home feeling refreshed and ready for anything life might bring you.
The generous sauna area offers a Roman steam bath with floral aromas, Finnish sauna, footbath, and therapeutic showers.
The tranquil ambience of the sauna is complemented by a relaxation lounge with murals of Japanese temple dancers and an imitation starry sky.


Total radiance - unadulterated luxury pure ~ Caviar firming treatment ~

A luxurious firming treatment, leaving you silky smooth and adding radiance to tired complexions.

€ 140,00

Rejuvenating facial~ Cellular resurfacing treatment ~

Deep-acting treatment to renew skin cells and refine the skin’s structure. For a clear, fresh and beautifully balanced complexion.

€ 140,00

Top regeneration ~ Cellular de-aging treatment ~

Intensive anti-aging treatment using AHA, smoothing and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

€ 125,00

A moisture float for your skin ~ Cellular hydrating treatment ~

Your skin is replenished with moisture, and hydrated for a revitalized firm complexion.

€ 125,00

Cellular Platinum Facial ~ Helps your skin to preserve your natural beauty and youthful appearance ~

Electrical balance and age–defying benefits helps to restore the skin`s natural moisture barrier to provide enhanced hydration and protection.

€ 210,00

Pure gold  radiance facial ~ Luxurious, opulent, precious ~

Your face is given a golden glow, your  skin is revitalized and illuminated with a stunning radiant aliveness. Wrinkles and lines will be diminished ,  it regulates pigmentation, improves the elasticity and firmness of your skin.

€ 150,00




Power lifting treatment for men and women

“Alpha Luxus” rejuvenation treatment.

€ 122,00

Beauty which goes more than skin deep

Modelage, including a classic facial to regenerate, firm and smooth.

€ 98,00

Thalasso wellness treatment for men and women

Hydrating, revitalizing and relaxing.

€ 92,00

Radiant complexion for him & her

Vitamin-C treatment including a classic facial to regenerate dull, lifeless skin.

€ 92,00

Add-on treatment

Special caviar treatment including a classical facial, to regenerate your complexion and restore depleted collagen levels.

€ 92,00
Classic facial for him & her
With personalized care routine, skin analysis, eyebrow shaping, steam, scrub/purifying mask, cleansing, massage, mask and final toning.

€ 85,00

Well-being treatment

Scrub, facial, neck, face and décolleté massage, mask and final toning.


€ 55,00



Daytime make-up
Evening make-up including ampoule

Intensive eye treatment helps soothe puffy eyelids
Special treatment for the neck regenerates and strengthens the skin
Bust treatment
Back treatment intensive back treatment for a beautiful back
Beautiful hands
Deluxe hand mask with scrub, ampoule, special crèmes and modelage

Foot pampering aromatherapy oil foot massage with mask

from € 29,00

from € 45,00

€ 31,00

€ 29,00

€ 55,00

€ 59,00 - € 75,00
€ 50,00

€ 29,00


We can naturally also perform any basic treatments such as
manicures, pedicures, eyelash tinting and body or facial hair removal



Full body scrub

To loosen dead skin cells, smooth and revitalize the skin.

€ 35,00

Unadulterated hydration

Full body crème mask.

€ 29,00

Visibly softer, smoother skin

Optimum skin refinement. Selected serums and crèmes specially blended to your skin’s needs, with Thalasso shell limestone mask and crème treatment.


€ 81,00



Exclusive Esalen pampering body massage

The Esalen Institute in California developed this special massage exclusively  for
La Prairie, designed to engender new vitality and well-being, using the  exquisite
La Prairie crème range.

€ 98,00

Deluxe pampering treatment

Firming, rejuvenating, restorative: Improve your skin’s resilience with the effective caviar product range from La Prairie, a revitalizing luxury scrub, the energizing Esalen feel-good massage, cocooned in a wonderfully fragrant caviar mask.

€ 149,00

The ultimate blissful treatment – total luxury!

Radiance, harmony and joie de vivre.
Time stands still – invigorating fragrances – caressed by luxurious crèmes and restorative, replenishing active ingredients – Nourishment for skin, body and soul – caviar from top to toe.

Duration around 3 hours.

€ 259,00


Aid intensive detoxification and de-acidification, fat busting, skin firming  and also very relaxing.

Full body scrub

Marine salt and aromatherapy oils are gently massaged into the skin.

€ 35,00

Intensive massage bath

with marine algae, marine salt and aromatherapy oils, to mineralise, detoxify and de-stress.

€ 34,00

The ultimate Thalasso detox

Blissful full body algae mask, followed by body moisturizing application, intensive all-over detox.

€ 68,00

An end to fatigue!

Thalasso marine mud and marine salt treatment for deep muscle relaxation and de-stressing.

€ 68,00


Intensive cellulite treatment

€ 81,00

Anti cellulite and firming wrap

with aromatherapy oils and lotions.


€ 69,00


Using cold wraps to selectively target fat build –up (jodhpur effect) extreme lymphatic drainage effecte.


€ 57,00

La Prairie body firming

and pampering treatment with caviar.

€ 149,00

Unadulterated body firming

with Thalgo mint mask.

€ 81,00



Light bath with deep relaxation

De-stressing for new vital energy.

€ 23,00

Chakra balancing –Reiki – Energetic  Treatments

Deep relaxation and release for body, spirit and soul. Helps free the mind from the daily whirl, restores inner peace and balance, and tips for everyday stress management. Harmonizing and energy releasing.

€ 81,00

Cranio balance

Releases tensions and improves mobility of the vertebral column, flushes away stress and jetlag, efficient whiplash treatment. Exerts a revitalizing, strengthening effect (not a massage).

Duration approx. 75 minutes.

€ 81,00


Ear candle/massage combination

with feel-good massage and ear candle treatment, deep relaxation to transport you far away from the
day-to-day stress.
Duration approx. 55minutes.

€ 65,00

Amazonian Dreams Relaxing Treatment

This holistic well-being body concept for him and her results in complete relaxation and inner harmony.        Five ritual treatment steps (Amazon bath, beneficial peeling, delicately scented oil massage, mysterious tingly body wrap and refreshing final treatment, take you on a journey of the senses.
Discover the triumphant nature of the Amazon – exclusive active ingredients and exotic scents allow you to get away from it all and reveal endless expanses. Duration approx. 110 minutes.

€ 135,00

Two Day Package

Relaxation & Vitalisation

1st day: Thermal Treatment & Full Body Massage

2nd day: Full Body Lymphatic Drainage & Back Massage or Back Massage and Foot Reflexology Massage
Can be booked when staying 2 nights or more

€ 128,00


Personal Coaching

Relief of muscle tension, pain, restricted mobility and fatigue
- We will check your body and improve your condition through breathing techniques as an immediate and vitalizing aid
- Stretching oft he muscles for a flexible and healthy body
- Muscle relaxation. Your movements will feel more free and effortless

Duration: About 60 min

€ 68,00


Restricted mobility of joints, Tense head and neck  muscles, tired and painfull back, shortened sinews. We assist you in improving your health systematicely.
Duration: About 30 min

€ 33,00


Natural peat mask for the back

Stimulates the circulation and metabolism .

Duration approx. 30 minutes

€ 18,00

Full body massage

Increases your well-being and vitality, releases muscular tension and promotes deep-tissue circulation.

Duration approx. 55 minutes.

€ 53,00

Reflexology foot massage

Mobilizes the body’s own self-healing powers, activates and harmonizes energy channels.
Duration approx. 40 minutes

Duration approx. 55 minutes

€ 48,00

€ 64,00

Massage with relaxing roll

Release of tensions with humid heat, followed by a back, neck and shoulder massage.
Duration approx. 40 minutes

Duration approx. 55 minutes

€ 48,00

€ 64,00

Localized body massage/back massage

Duration approx. 25 minutes

Duration approx. 40 minutes

€ 29,00
€ 44,00

Lymphatic drainage

Helps deep cleanse body tissue, reinforces the body’s natural resistance with relaxation for the whole body. Oedemia therapy.
Full body treatment approx. 50 minutes.
Localized treatment approx. 25 minutes.

€ 61,00
€ 33,00

Aromatherapy oil massage

For relaxation and release of tension using selected oils.

Duration approx. 40 minutes

Duration approx .50 minutes

€ 48,00

€ 61,00

Aromatherapy "Inner-Balance"

A blissfully relaxing body and soul experience for those suffering from stress and tension. Aromatherapy oil massage, warm compresses and harmony fragrance treatment. All oils and fragrances are selected and specially blended to individual needs.

Duration approx. 55 minutes.

€ 71,00

Chi Yang

A Chinese massage to relax mind and body using acupressure points. Float away as tense muscles relax and energy flows regain their balance.
Duration approx. 75 minutes.


€ 81,00

Hot Stone

The thermic effect of the warmth transferred to the body loosens tension and balances tissue functions. It supports blood circulating and stimulates the lymphatic system. Vital energies are released and stimulate physical and mental mobility.
The warm lava stones are placed on the energy points – which is, where bodily functions are controlled or influenced. Gently massaged over the body with Stones and handmassage provides a definite feeling of well-being as well as noticeable harmony and relaxation.

Duration approx. 75 minutes.


€ 81,00

Lomi Lomi

Holistic relaxation and reinforcement of the immune system. This Hawaiian massage method involves the gentle massaging in of oils, wich is restorative and harmonizing.

Duration approx. 80 minutes.


€ 81,00



Gentle Abhyanga massage

for the whole body using warm oils ~ relaxing and revitalizing.
Duration approx. 55 minutes including rest period.

€ 69,00

Forehead affusion – Shirodara

Gentle localized body massage and & warm forehead affusion to calm mind
and spirit.

Duration approx. 80 minutes including rest period.

€ 98,00

Classic Abhyanga massage

Full body treatment with light application of pressure and more attention to detail areas, balancing and detoxifying.
Shortened treatment approx. 55 minutes including rest period.
Classical treatment approx. 80 minutes including rest period.

€ 69,00
€ 87,00

“Königsform”, Kingtreatment

A detailed full body oil massage with forehead affusion, a unique deep-acting massage experience.
Duration approx. 110 min including rest period.

€ 148,00

Padabhyanga Massage

Duration approx. 50 minutes including rest period.

€ 58,00

Back massage, Pristabhyanga

Duration approx. 50 min including rest period.

€ 58,00


Personal counselling and support from specialists in putting together your own personal training program.

Fitness or conditioning training

Individually tailored to your needs.

Training duration approx. 1 hour.

€ 68,00

Cardiovascular training and & coaching

Select the activity that interests you. Running, Nordic walking, mountain Biking,
cross-country skiing, snow walking.
Training duration approx. 1 hour.
1 person
2 persons

€ 50,00
€ 70,00

Yoga & relaxation

Training duration approx. 1 hour.
1 person
2 persons

€ 60,00
€ 70,00


Our Spa-Team will happily assist you in choosing from our vast variety of treatments in person or
via phone under +49 (0) 76 52 / 127 – 343.

Our kitchen team can fulfill your individual requests and prepare healthy meals and special dietary programmes for you.
We use only fresh and high quality produce to prepare our meals. Please ask us for your personal meal plan.

In addition, we offer beauty and wellness treatments in combination with an overnight stay and halfboard. For more information see our accommodation offers.